QVCS guide FAQ

Q: Can I have both virtual and real domains on the system?

Yes. Make sure AUTHMODULES in /etc/courier-imap/{imapd/pop3d} are set to "authvmailmgr authdaemon" and that the "real" domain is added to "/etc/qmail/control/locals". It is also worthy of mention that an "elvis" must be a virtual user.

Q: I can't send out e-mail!

Look in /var/log/maillog. See if there is something like this:

deferral: Connected_to_IPADDR__but_my_name_was_rejected. /Remote_host_said:_501_5.0.0_HELO_requires_domain_address/

If you see a line similar to that in maillog, it means that qmail package couldn't figure out what your fully qualified domain name was during installation. The situation is easy to remedy, though. Do the following:

cd /etc/qmail/control
echo > me
echo > plusdomain
echo > defaultdomain

You should also check and make sure that is in rcpthosts and locals. Naturally, you need to substitute for something actually relevant.

Run /etc/init.d/qmail restart after you've done these modifications.