Pop-Toaster using Qmail-Vmailmgr-Courier-SquirrelMail



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Note: if you are looking for a BSD guide, it has been discontinued. Please refer to the following resource which maintains a build-from-scratch installation guide along the same main lines:

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Please use the qvcs-guide-list mailing list mentioned below for support questions. If you write directly to the author with your questions, he will likely be rude to you, especially if you had used Outlook to send the message. :) Moreover, please understand that support is given on a "have-time" basis, and a response is in no way guaranteed. :/

Also, make sure you've read and understood the FAQ.

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You can find the project summary here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/qvcs-guide/ in case you want to check out cvs or whatever else.

Author and maintainer: Konstantin Ryabitsev, www.mricon.com
Last updated: March-18-2005

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